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Dog Training & Behaviour

Planning for the arrival of a new puppy and not sure where to start?  Has your new furry family member taken over your home and you need to  get back some order? Are your relaxing walks more of a high stress wrestling match? Does your dog get distressed when you leave the house, or greet visitors at the front door by barking and jumping?  You are not alone.  We can help with these things and more!

Dog Walking

Too busy to walk your dog? We understand how hard it is to get those walking shoes on after a long day at work.  Don't feel guilty - we've all been there!  A dog that is bored can become destructive and stressed.  Let us make your life easier by getting your dog out and about.  From a long interesting walk to a gentle stroll 'n' sniff - whatever your dog desires....

Pet Sitting & Companionship

Going out for the night and don't want your pet to spend the night alone or need someone trustworthy to get their dinner ready and settle them into bed? Maybe your puppy or elderly dog just needs a visit during the day, while you are at work, for some companionship? We can be your extended family and give them the love and care they need whilst you are away.