Dog Training & Behaviour

Professional Pet Services

Private Training Options
Put simply - group classes don't suit everyone or every dog.
Are you time poor? 
an't make scheduled classes every week? 
Not available at certain times
due to children's sports or homework or business meetings? 
Not comfortable in a group environment? 
Would rather involve the whole family in the home environment?
Is your dog too distracted in a class environment to learn? 
Just one or two behavioural issues you want or need to focus on? 
Know training basics but want some additional skills to help with certain requirements? 
Or simply enjoy the one-on-one focus of a private training opportunity?

And, do you want a trainer who is qualified, accredited and experienced to help you get it right the first time?

One-on-One Training Sessions

Has your furry family member taken over your home and you need to get back some order? Are your relaxing walks more of a high stress wrestling match? Does your dog get distressed when you leave the house, or greet visitors at the front door by barking and jumping?  Is your dog lunging and barking at other dogs when out on a walk?

Are you wanting to have your dog move toward a vocation such as a therapy dog or assistance dog?

You are not alone.  We understand.  We can help with these things and so much more!

  • Personalised training sessions that focus on you and your dog
  • Opportunity to ask questions without stress or interruption
  • In your home or a location of your choice
  • A training plan created just for you to provide structure and understanding
  • Training notes provided post consultation to remind you of all that was covered

Costs for Private One-on-One Sessions

Stand-alone consultation - 1 hour of training - $150

Package Prices
2 Sessions - 2 hours of training - $280 (save $20)
3 sessions - 3 hours of training - $390 (save $60)
4 sessions - 4 hours of training - $500 (save $100)
5 sessions - 5 hours of training - $600 (save $150)
6 sessions - 6 hours of training - $690 (save $210)

Note:  Note if you are looking at training for MindDog accreditation, please contact us regarding training session costs.

Day Training - no need for you to be present!

If you have commitments that just don't give you the time to take your dog to training classes or private classes - but you would like your dog to be well-trained - we have the solution for you.

You do what you do, we will do what we do and your dog will get the training they need.  We are happy to train your dog in your absence to the level you require. 

Of course, we will need to consult with you initially to understand your training requirements and to then create a training plan.  We will meet with you in the middle of the agreed training plan and then again at the end - so that we can get you up to date with the training your dog has and how to communicate with them on an on-going basis.

  • Initial consultation to discuss training needs and develop your dog's personal training program
  • Trainer will come to your home, while you are away, to work with your dog
  • Face-to-face consultation in the middle (for the 2 sessions per week package) and end of the training program to keep you up-to-date with learning progress and show you how to maintain these newly trained skills

Costs for Day Training - one month package

1 training session per week (4 x 1 hour sessions) + 2 owner sessions (consult and final owner/dog session) = 6 sessions in total:  $740
2 training sessions per week (8 x 1 hour sessions) + 3 owner sessions (consult, mid and final owner/dog session )= 11 sessions in total:   $1,290

Note: if your dog has behaviour issues that are complex, we are happy to discuss with you some other options that may be more appropriate.