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Puppies!  We love them.
Just like a new human baby, a puppy can be both exciting and exhausting.  We understand - we have been there too!

If you are
planning for a new puppy and need some guidance to prepare for the arrival - we can set you up for success!
If your new puppy has arrived and things are not going as you expected - we are the ones to get you back on track!
If you would like private training to give puppy (and the rest of the family) vital skills and direction - we will get you all on the same page!

And, do you want a trainer who is qualified, accredited and experienced to help you get it right the first time - you have come to the right place!

New Puppy Preparation 

You have made the decision to get a new puppy.  It might be your first ever puppy; your first puppy as an adult; your first puppy of a particular breed; or a puppy to fill a gap left by a much loved dog.  Preparation is important!  Where will puppy sleep and toilet?  What are the best toys and bedding to get?  How will puppy get on with the cat?  How do you prepare your home for the teething stage?  How do you clean up correctly after toileting mishaps?  Do you need a doggie door?  The list of questions can go on - and there will be questions you don't even know that you need to ask!  

Don't worry - we have been there and done that - we can support you and set you up for success!

  • This face-to-face consultation will include covering all the areas you need to consider before the arrival of your new puppy.  Your trainer will also be happy to review you home set-up to advise on issues to consider such as location of toileting and sleeping areas and puppy proofing.

Cost for Puppy Preparation Session
1 hour consultation = $150 including fact sheets on topics discussed

Private Puppy School Program

Whether you live alone or in a family group - sometimes it is just too difficult to get to scheduled puppy classes.  We understand.  We are happy to provide in-home training for your new puppy and all family members.

Your Private Puppy School Program will cover basic training and behavioural advice as well as toilet training, socialisation and more.  If you have specific needs this can also be discussed with you.

Things covered in this four week program are:

  • Basic behaviours suitable for puppy level such as sit, drop down, go to bed, beginnings of loose lead walking and recall, body handling, target training, and eye contact.
  • Information provided to human family members would cover toilet training, jumping up, biting, socialisation, enrichment, sleeping at night, appropriate toys and games, dealing with existing pets, consistent communication and more.

Costs for Private Puppy School Program
4 x 1 hour sessions =  $440.00

One-on-One Puppy Training Sessions

You may have finished puppy school but have a few issues that need to be addressed or you would love to teach puppy additional behaviours that were not covered at puppy class.  Your puppy may be too young to take to adult dog classes but you would like to continue with some training in the mean time.  What ever the reason, we can certainly help you with any of your puppy training needs. 

  • Personalised training sessions that focus on you and your dog
  • Opportunity to ask questions without stress or interruption
  • In your home or a location of your choice
  • A training plan created just for you to provide structure and understanding
  • Training notes provided post consultation to remind you of all that was covered

Costs for Private Puppy One-on-One Sessions
Stand-alone consultation - 1 hour of training - $150

Package Prices
2 Sessions - 2 hours of training - $280 (save $20)
3 sessions - 3 hours of training - $390 (save $60)
4 sessions - 4 hours of training - $500 (save $100)
5 sessions - 5 hours of training - $600 (save $150)
6 sessions - 6 hours of training - $690 (save $210)